Taxonomy Metabox Plugin

So I’m working on a site for a client and needed to make a custom post type that had 8 taxonomies. This is a lot but I’m sure there are some projects out there that have the more or less this many.

My solution was to make a simple script the simply pulled the taxonomy metaboxes into a sigle metabox and separate them via tabs. This worked well for the project but I thought that it would be pretty useful as a general plugin.

So here it is, a new little helper plugin, Taxonomy Metabox.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.56.05 PM

Testing one, two three

this is not a post ok. (it’s a cheap attempt to show off my new site )

Creating Permalinks using a plural slug for archive and singular slug for post view.

Update: I’m an idiot who can’t read. Thanks to Emyr Thomas for pointing out that the has_archive is not just a boolean, but in fact can define the archives slug. Now to hide my head in shame.

A client had an interesting request for permalink structures; to use the plural slug for the archive page and a singular slug for the post.


My first thought to achieve this was to simply make a page template that lists a specific post type and called it the plural. This would indeed solve the problem, but it wouldn’t work for breadcrumbs.

Having just completed the building Caldera URL Builder I thought I might as well solve this using rewrite rules.

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CalderaWP Launched.

After much planning and work making plugins, I have finally launched with Josh Pollock. The aim is to simplify WordPress as much as possible through good, easy to use plugins and clear training.


Caldera Forms

A few weeks back I released Caldera Forms. My take on a WordPress form builder.

It offers a fairly intuitive UI and gives access to multi-column & responsive layouts. And it’s totally free.

I am planning on releasing some premium add-ons soon. But I assure you they are only to enhance and add functionality. They won’t be to hold basic features ransom, they will be enhancements and extensions. Like connection a form to a Newsletter subscription. Things like conditional logic and file uploads, I consider basic features and are all free.




Caldera Base UI

Caldera Base UI

Field builder UI for Caldera Base

Building an Ajax File Uploader with BaldrickJS

I would like this to be an all complicated type of tutorial, but I really can’t.

To control the upload only when submitted, you can add the same attributes to a form wrapper.

Simplfied Ajax in WordPress with BaldrickJS

BaldrickJS is a small jQuery plugin that allows you to do create and define Ajax requests via HTML attributes. This means that you can focus on the design rather than the JavaScript handlers. It’s available on GitHub

Before doing any JavaScript code, you need create your Ajax handlers. These are functions or methods that get called when a request is made. Here’s an example from the WordPress Codes

In this example, we are defining an Ajax action called ‘my_action’ when we make a request to this action, the function ‘my_action_callback’ is run and the result is returned as the response.

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Pods Framework – Front-end suite

I have been developing a new frontend suite for Pods Framework over the last few weeks and thought it might be a good time to post a short dev report.

The aim of the suite is to bring easy templating and content structures to the front end without needing to code directly to your template. Currently the the suite includes Formbuilding, Templates and Page Layouts.

They can all work independently but the true power come in bringing them all together. For example: you can build a profile update form, a profile viewer template. Then build a layout to organise them in a responsive grid to display on the page.

This kind of structure generally takes a while to build with complex shortcodes or theme template pages. With the frontend suite it’s all done in minutes with a simple drag and drop interface and intuitive templates. I’ll try post more on the development and share some of the challenges as I go. But for now, heres some screenshots on the current UI and frontend result.

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Ring Progress uploader

I did a Post on Forrst a few months back, showing a concept for an uploader.

The idea of using a ring to indicate the progress of the upload is not new, but I liked it as it takes up less space than a standard bar. 8 months later, here it is in a working form.

Technical info: Its Javascript (just JS, no jQuery or frameworks), canvas and CSS.

Unfortunately, I can’t test it in all browsers, but I have tested it in a current-ish FireFox, Chrome, Opera and Safari and seams to work fine. (Works great in Safari on iOS 6 btw, Not so good in IE 10 on Mu Lumia 920… Sigh!)

Give it a try and let me know what you think. If anyone can test it in other browser not mentioned, your results would be great.

Remember, this is just an experiment, I’ll refine it later.

Just a note: images are posted to a non existent page so nothing is saved anywhere.

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