Introducing Brickroad, (beta testers wanted).

Brickroad can be described as a Plugin Builder, for the non-developer. It has the ability to create Shortcodes, Widgets, Code Injection, Custom Settings Pages, Custom Post Types, Custom Metaboxes, PHP Classes, Custom Customizer Controls, and Page Templates.

These are called “Brickroad Elements” and can be exported as stand alone, independent plugins, which you can distribute as complete plugins in their own right. All from the WordPress Admin.

Well, technically it’s not a new plugin, but an evolution of an old one I did about 4 years ago.

My Shortcodes and Caldera Engine

in 2012, I created My Shortcodes. This plugin allows you to create shortcodes within WordPress admin then add the visible HTML, the PHP logic, the CSS, and the Javascript needed. It’s no little plugin, but it is getting really old. This was my first experiment in the freemium model. The pro version was then called My Shortcodes Pro. Later on, I re-branded it to Caldera Engine. ( this was the original name for Caldera which I intended on using as a prefix for all my plugins).

Later on I created Caldera Forms which took all my focus so Caldera Engine took a back seat. Now with my moving on from Caldera Forms, I’m preparing to move back to some older stuff in hopes to update and evolve some ideas and return to my roots of creating complex, highly functional systems.

I simply can’t use the name Caldera Engine anymore as it causes confusion with the Caldera Forms, so I have re-branded it (again). The name I’ve chosen is Brickroad.

Currently it’s still largely the older codebase, with cleanups to make it compatible with the current version of WordPress.

Beta Signup.

I have learned so many lessons from building Caldera Forms, many I don’t wish to repeat. So before I get a releasable product ready, I’m looking for beta testers to help me with stability.
There will be rewards to all that help. Unsure as of yet what they will be, but there will be some cool stuff.

If you are interested in joining as a tester, fill in the form below and you’ll be added to the list. Once I have a beta version ready, you’ll get your own very special beta tester account and copy of the plugin to play with.

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