Introducing DB Post Types

Introducing DB Post Types

Easily use database tables created by other plugins or an external source, as native WordPress Post Types with no data duplication or syncronisation.

A video demonstration showing the setup process to interpret entries from Caldera Forms as a Post Type, along with displaying and editing the data.

There are many table to post type importers out there, and most do the job perfectly. However they all are simply importers; copy data from one table into two other tables. Yup two! Since you’re importing differently structured data, the columns won’t match. So you’ll end up having to save the columns as meta data. This is also a static import meaning that if you alter the source, you’ll need to sync to the copy.

DB Post Types is different. There is no data duplication. All data is dynamically linked. You don’t need to sync any data once the initial sync is complete. The source is the data.

DB Post Types is an interpreter.

This gives you the freedom to use the true data as you would a normal post, because quite simply, it is.

For advanced users, you have full control and access to use the WP_Query and  WP_Meta_Query, allowing you to make the content fully searchable.


8 thoughts on “Introducing DB Post Types

  1. Hi David,

    This is an interesting idea. However, the name DB Post Types sounds not very clear to me and I had to watch the video. My first thought was: this plugin is kind of showing the custom content to users.

    But this plugin is extremely useful. I hope you will work on exporting/importing data and/or supporting REST API. That helps developers to see/get any data they want without touching code!

    1. Hi There.
      I agree, it is obscure. It’s a difficult thing to name.
      I’m hoping though, that the obscurity evokes curiosity.
      And yes, the REST API will be a huge part of it.

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